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    Candlestick Engulfing bar Inside Strategy Setup 

    Candlestick Engulfing bar Inside Strategy Setup


    Reader’s message

    Hello Mr. Long,

    Please can you tell is this trade a strategy #1 setup?

    Thank you



    Engulfing bar strategy

    There are some engulfing bar indicator ea but this strategy important part is “color”

    engulfing bar pattern


    Inside bar color white (bull)

    Inside previous bar color black (bear)

    Sell next open

    Target, stop-loss close price

    You can use this strategy engulfing bar Forex pairs.

    Questions about Engulfing Bars

    Engulfing bars are very common bars used in price action trading.
    Before the beginners actually start trading in price action method, they need to gain knowledge about all the important things of this method.
    Engulfing bar is one of these important subjects.
    The engulfing bar formation consists of at least two candles, where the second candle completely engulfs the previous one.
    The signal that the engulfing bar formation provides is, depending on whether the second bar is bearish or bullish, either a reversal or a continuation.
    Though many price action trader use this bars as a very common trading pattern, beginners have to face a lot of questions regarding it.
    Some of the common questions are- What can’t be clear about engulfing bars?
    Does the engulfing bar just barely engulf the previous one or not?
    Is the signal more important when the second bar is much larger than the first one?
    News releases will often cause wider candles without necessarily indicating a change in the overall dynamics of a trend.
    Conversely, pre-news trading often brings lower volatility and, therefore, makes the occurrence of engulfing bars more likely.
    How can anyone quantify the impact of such events?
    There are numerous aspects the average traders do not factor into their trading and, therefore, get very
    inconsistent and ever-changing results without knowing the reason why.
    So, in the beginning these traders should learn all the things about the price action method.
    Practice makes a man perfect and this is something price action traders do.
    They observe the market closely to learn the method in their own ways and then actually start trading.
    In many cases, expert traders are always learning through observing and they continue this learning process.
    Trading learning period never ends as the market can always show different results.


    Binary options, must be minimum Expiry time 1 hour and higher?

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    Binary options, must be minimum Expiry time 1 hour and higher? 

    Binary options, must be minimum Expiry time 1 hour and higher?


    Reader’s message

    Thank you Long for your valued advice 🙂

    When you say long term for binary options, must be minimum expiry time 1 hour and higher? What about 5 min?

    Is that too short. I never trade 60 seconds, that is too quick.

    I want to trade with IG Markets or HighLow or OptionTrade(Hotforex) brokers because they are licensed brokers from Australia.

    Do you have a Facebook page to follow? 🙂

    Yes, Higher.

    No 5 min. 60 seconds, price not action.

    because part of daily time frame.

    I recommend when you trade binary option hedge with Forex.
    here is Facebook page

    This is Candlestick Novice Instant Result Pattern

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    This is Candlestick Novice Instant Result Pattern 

    This is Candlestick Novice Instant Result Pattern


    Reader’s video

    Hello Mr. Long Hang Seng,

    Thank you very much for all your informative videos. I have recorded my very first video and please let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you very much for now.


    This is Candlestick Window gaps Trading Theory

    Thank you for your video.


    #1 Strategy
    Last bar: open bar
    Previous bar: inside

    #2 Strategy
    Last bar: open bar
    Previous bar: outside


    This is candlestick price action essential.

    not trade pattern.

    but if you want use this for strategy.

    below pattern is good for trading..

    Previous bar: inside
    if open bar is near previous bar low then sell entry
    target is previous bar near low
    stop-loss previous bar far high
    vice versa

    daily time frame best
    this is candlestick novice instant result pattern. (More …)

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    Tags: gaps trading theory   

    This is Candlestick Window gaps Trading Theory 

    This is Candlestick Window gaps Trading Theory


    Reader’s message

    Dear sir

    If possible can you make short video of this explanation. Learning with chart is easy to understand



    **Candlestick Trading** <long@candlestick-trading.com> wrote:


    Long Hang Seng here

    Do you know candlestick window trading?

    #1 Body is smaller than the previous candlestick body after price go up. There is window between #2 and previous Candlestick.

    #2 Body is bigger than previous candlestick body. After price rise. Open Window between #3 candlestick and previous bar.

    #3 Body is smaller than previous candlestick bar The price stopped falling #4 candlestick appear after window.

    #4 Body is bigger than the previous candlestick bar. price up. #4 candlestick,window,#5 candlestick appear

    #5 Candlestick bar not yet close. when last bar close and that body is bigger than #4 body then Price go more higher.

    ==>>Click here to view more detail

    Thank you



    Video here


    Candlestick Double Block Trade

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    Candlestick Double Block Trade 

    Candlestick Double Block Trade

    Reader’s message



    Thanks for you best response. sir please give me some entry pattern with TP and SL.


    Here is Candlestick double block trade.

    1 white body, bull candlestick
    2 white body, bull candlestick
    3 black body, bear candlestick
    4 black body, bear candlestick

    Then sell entry

    Take profit at close price.

    #3 candlestick bar high.


    Related article
    Create double block pattern on daily TF


    Candlestick Trading Basic

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    Candlestick Trading Basic 

    Candlestick Trading Basic


    Reader’s message

    Hi Long are you offering a trading course



    Yes,but first I want you to know candlestick basic.

    candlestick body means power of up or down.
    long body = strong power
    short body = weak power

    shadow means trade was cancelled.
    upper shadow = price up cancelled
    under shadow = price down cancelled.

    If you go to candlestick cancel theory course, please keep in mind above.

    Simple and Complex Candlestick Patterns for Price Action Trading
    Candlestick charts are the visualization of the price movements in the market.
    Price action traders use candlestick to observe the price movements.
    The candlestick patterns are also used by them for making trading moves.
    In the past, traders blindly invest in the market and had to face a lot of loss.
    Now, with different technology and tools available in the market, everyone wants to get the highest profit from their investment.
    The patterns formed in these graphical representations of the candlestick chart of the price movement or the candles indicate some possible
    state of the future in the market.
    Traders can see the patterns and use them to safely decide when to exit the market or not.
    Candlestick patterns are mainly of two types- Simple and complex.
    Simple patterns are made of one candle.
    There are various simple candles like hammer, the hanging man, doji etc.
    The simple patterns can help the beginners to decide what to do next or can help them find a good time to invest.
    The Complex patterns are made of two or more patterns.
    Some of the common complex patterns are morning star, shooting star, harami etc.
    The complex patterns are also known as zonal patterns.
    These patterns are stronger than simple patterns.
    Zonal patterns are more accurate as any simple pattern can be included in a zonal pattern and indicate completely a different thing than its
    single meaning.
    Zonal patterns are very important for regular traders and experts.
    It is very important for the regular traders to know more about the complex patterns and their interpretations.
    It is not obvious that a single pattern is always a weaker pattern.
    But traders need to confirm a single pattern with the trend or the previous pattern before actually relying on them.


    Candlestick Price Action Basic plan

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    Tags: candlestick price action basic plan   

    Candlestick Price Action Basic plan 

    Candlestick Price Action Basic Plan


    Reader’s message

    1. what is your purpose to learn candlestick trading?
    To become a profitable trader

    2. what is your trading problem?
    Timing and fear

    3. if you have recent trade history please tell me
    Last week I ran into 7 losing trades in one week.
    (Not good, real bad)

    Thank you very much for your time


    To become a profitable trader,
    order timing is very important.
    not trade timing.

    Order timing.

    Order timing is once a daily.

    Good order timing = Good profit trade.

    Please look back

    Last week you ran into 7 losing trades in one week.

    Your order timing maybe broken in pieces.

    like this

    buy market order 5:35 pm
    sell market order 11:26 am

    5:35 to 11:26
    there are long empty time
    ideal order

    when candlestick price close New York timing


    Place order like this

    buy stop order 5:50 pm
    sell stop order 5:55 pm
    In this order process
    whereon the candlestick pure price action theory.

    You become a profitable trader automatically.

    candlestick price action basic plan

    look chart New York close timing.


    place order
    (not market order and not trade. only place order)

    Binary option 60 seconds It works slowly in long time frame

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