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    Can I request to copy your trade every week 

    Can I request to copy your trade every week

    reader’s message

    Hi Long,
    Since teaching me the Four candlestick trading strategy, I have not made money with it,
    I am still fine-tuning my overall trading method.
    My long time desire is to learn the comprehensive Candlestick training which cost £5300.
    In the interim, can I request to copy your trade every week.
    This is to enable me build up the cash for the Comprehensive course.



    here is trade

    GBPJPY buy 160.10
    EURJPY buy 128.60
    CADJPY buy 83.70
    NZDJPY buy 76.85
    XAGJPY buy 1702
    XAUUSD buy 1118.32
    XAUJPY buy 132178

    you can buy “market order”


    How to utilize the Candlestick charts for the effective trading
    The effective trading is the approach to understanding the trading with deep impact, greater analysis, and higher profit.
    First two are considered as the basic parameters of trading before placing your bid on stocks or the shares.
    However, to do that one needs to understand the market with the particular approach.
    There are different methods to read and understand the market behavior.
    The most common example of such study can be a bar chart.
    However, the bar chart cannot give the in-depth analysis.
    The best way to understand and get the perfect analysis is to use the Candlestick charts.
    Market Analysts and Experts claim that the minor and easy explanation of the candlestick charts can enhance the effectiveness of the trading.


    Why thats Lose?

    Can I request to copy your trade every weekCan I request to copy your trade every week

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      Why thats Lose? 

      Why that’s Lose?


      Reader’s message

      Hello Mr. Long,

      I hope u are fine.

      I still try strategy 24 candlesticks but i have some trades lose.

      I want know why this lose for more filter this strategy.

      1- I send you 3 examples in pictures for explain me why that’s lose ?

      2- I hope you explain more about this strategy 24 Candlesticks.

      Have a good day.


      Click here


      Simple Candlestick Patterns

      In technical trading, a candlestick pattern shows a movement in prices shown graphically on a candlestick chart that can predict a particular market movement.

      The recognition of the pattern is important in technical trading.

      There are 42 recognized patterns that can be split into simple and complex patterns.

      Simple patterns are formed by only one candlestick.

      The candlesticks can be red or green, in some case which also can be black or white.

      A red or black candle shows that the close is lower than open.

      A green or white candle shows the open is below the case.

      There are many simple patterns available.

      The most common simple patterns are hammer, the hanging man, Doji, inverted hammer, shooting star, marubozu, black body, white body, inverted black hammer etc.

      A big black candle has an unusually long black body with a wide range between high and low.

      Prices open near the high and close near the low.

      It is a bearish pattern.

      A white big candle is just the opposite of the big black candle and it is a bullish pattern.

      A doji looks like two crossed straight lines.

      Dojis always show the instability of the market.

      A hammer has a small body with long wick and it looks like a hammer.

      It is a bullish pattern and is seen after a downtrend.

      An inverted hammer is just the opposite shape of the hammer.

      There are also white body, black body, shaven head, shaven bottom, shooting star and others.

      Each simple pattern tells something about that day’s opening and close price and some of them are also signs of trend changes.

      But complex patterns are more accurate than the simple patterns as they are mainly zonal patterns which state the position of buyers and sellers in market completely.

      But simple patterns are important for knowing some points and also used to figure out other patterns.


      What the west call an inside bar

      Can I request to copy your trade every week

      Why that’s lose?Why that's lose?

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