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Archive for September 2016

False breaks candlestick trading

False breaks candlestick trading False breaks or breakouts are a common reason for losses. However, if a trader is careful enough, he or she can easily avoid such losses. A false break is when the market prices breaks through a support or a resistance level but the prices fails to continue with the trend beyond…

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Time to tradecandlestick trading

Time to trade candlestick trading There is nothing as easy as candlestick trading. Candlestick charts are easy to interpret; making it easy even for the forex beginners to trade using them. In the candlestick chart, the trader is at liberty to customize the chart whenever he or she feels the need to do so. The…

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Detecting the right candlestick signals

Detescting the right candlestick signals Detecting the right candlestick signals The signals provided by candlesticks can at times be very difficult to detect without the use of trading indicators. However, as a trader, you should always understand what various candlesticks mean so as to be able to predict what the future market trend is. To…

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About Forex Secret Othell video

About Forex Secret Othell video readers message ——————— Hello, I bought : “You Can Forex Swing Trade”I can’t have access to the video Moreover, few examples you gave I don’t understand if we follow the engulfing rules you have presented. At the end of the book you mention : Forex Secret OthellBut there is no…

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Candlestick double block strategy

Candslestick double block strategy readers message ——————— Hello I have discover recently you site and the ebook you propose I have appreciate a lot because I have a lot of difficulties to understand trading with indicators like RSI, MCD moving average. I think the pure price are the best. Please could help me to progress,…

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candlestick course

candlestick course readers message ——————— Hi Long Hang Seng Do you conduct any candlestick course like webinar etc. How much do you charge for this courses. Kind Regards ——————— >>click here

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