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Archive for May 2017

wait color change and close

wait color change and close readers message ——————— Hi Long, I wold like to know if you would coach me in trading your system where you turned 3000 into $50 million in 3 days. Here are my questions. 1. What will you charge me? 2. How long will it take? 3. I would like to…

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previous inside or outside

previous inside or outside readers message ——————— Hi Long, How long I have purchased several of your trading systems and I want to integrate them into one system to be able to trade full-time, to try and earn income every day. Can this be done? ——————— video here

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average line upper close then price go up

average line upper close then price go up youtube comment question ——————— Hi Long. I understand the Bollinger bands, but I do not understand the moving average. What exactly is it? ——————— if you use bollinger band average line means price action center position there are 2 zone upper side and lower side price go…

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Renko chart Trading Very Easy

Renko chart Trading Very Easy readers message ——————— Hello Sir! How are you? i hope well! Can you tell us something about renko chart trading? I think renko is a pure price action. Do you have some patterns for that trading? can we apply double block and color trading strategy? ———————   if shadow appear…

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double block reverse

double block reverse readers message ——————— ​Hi Long, I trade the London and US markets on a 15 minute time frame. ( 11:00-2200 GMT) What is the best system of yours to use? Thanks ——————— video here

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Trading market consist of color and double block pattern

Trading market consist of color and double block pattern readers message ——————— Hi Long, Your trading systems are very good. I want to only use them to trade FULL TIME. I have the time and the money to do so. I prefer to day trade only. If I am going to trade FULL TIME, which…

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Candlestick trading com products readers message ——————— Hi Long, What else do you have for sale? Please give me links to ALL of them. I cannot find what I am looking for. You have for sale a product where you turned X into Y in a few days or weeks. I cannto find it. I…

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