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Archive for December 2017

cross mirror different color pattern

readers message ——————— Hello, Thank you for your kind generosity in making a longer video for deeper understanding. Domo Arigatoo… In this email I’ve attached a new picture regarding another scenario of color trading method. Please do explain to me why is the candle reacting in such way. =) Thank you. Regards, ——————— video here

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if same color continuation inside close then avoid trade

readers message ——————— Hello, Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it. I have another question. I’ve attached another picture for you to analyze. I don’t know why I lost this trade… Oh by the way, I am using a 1min chart but which i am not sure can it be used effectively for this…

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double block step123

readers messaged ——————— Hi, Thank you for your reply. Even though, I’ve taken your advice, still there’s always some confusion in me because from my point of view, I am only looking for double block which is Green green, red red then sell. Vise versa. Because of problems like color continuation and maybe something else…

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same color continuation inside close then avoid trade

readers message ——————— Merry X’mas to you and your family. Today I’ve attached a picture for you to see. I am a little confuse as why do the candle react this way. As my understanding of the color trading is getting better overtime but sometimes problems like this happen. I want to know whether is…

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previous double block inside close then no trade

readers message ——————— please see this UJ currency M15 time frame chart, there is Double block advance strategy setup entry & stop loss point,  sir my question is that why this setup hit stop loss. please can you explain me why this setup getting stop loss. I am waiting your response. Thanks   ——————— video here

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