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Archive for February 2018

candlestick color trading 2type harami and engulf

  readers message ——————— Thank you Long. Very interesting ! But I sill have too many false signals and get stopped with these patterns (harami / engulfing). I did ynderstand that you advise tu use buy stop or sell stop orders. No take profit, but trailing stop with each candle. I will see if I…

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forex more profitable replace stoploss

——————————- Thank you Long, I still like harami pattern. I think that I can set a buy stop and a sell stop order at the top and bottom of the baby candle, and the stop loss to the other side. Would you advise me to close the trade when it is profitable, at the end…

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candlestick body color important

——————— Hello sir Thanks sir My Trading method consists of only 2 things : My view is 1. Trends ( Uptrend or Downtrend ) Uptrend = it starts with white bar (bear) and ends at black bar (Bull) Downtrend = it starts with Black bar (Bull) and ends at white bar (Bear) 2. Retracements I…

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