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Archive for March 2018

Harami + same color continuation

readers message ——————— Hello Long, How are you ? I would like to have your advice about a simple but maybe effective candlestick strategy, which seems to be used often by traders : wait for a mother candle and a baby candle (harami) wait for a close outside the mother candle entry at the close…

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same color continuation and color chenged then trade

message ——————— Thanks sir. I understood. I am asking many questions to you sir. Sometimes i feel i am asking too much questions. I am making you busy for my questions. Sorry for that. Its your great that you are giving my all questions answered. Thanks If you have time after 2 or 4 days…

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candlestick color shows real buy and real sell

student question ——————— hello sir , thanks for your answer I have a very basic question…. From 2 years i am connected to you and your videos, you always say that trade only if the price close upper side or down side of the previous candle. What is the psychology and the basic about this,…

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