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Archive for October 2018

Regarding multiple pattern

Questions From Readers ——————— Thanks alot… But what does “a.b.c.d pattern” mean? if any pattern occurs we should see , from the left , whether the pattern is inside or outside of previous pattern. for example, if double block appears, we should check whether it is inside of another double block or color continuation. Then…

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How to trade if multiple patterns appear?

Questions From Readers ——————— Kindly clarify  how to trade if multiple patterns appear as in the attached screenshot? ——————— a.b.c. all of them bull candlesticks d.bear candlestick colour changed white to black (bull candlestick to bear candlestick) and up trend end all of them a to d inside close so priority a.b.c.d pattern (sell)

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concept of colour changed

Questions From Readers ——————— Hello how are you? I did not understand your concept of colour changed? ——————— same colour continuation = trend colour changed = trend end same colour continuation consist of 3 bull candlesticks or 3 bear candlesticks (1).(2).(3) all of them bull candlesticks(same colour) each close price higher than each open price…

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clarification about Engulfing Pattern

Questions From Readers In another video (Image numbered 2), you say “Engulfing and Buy Entry”. Questions: 1. Which type of Engulfing we have to go for BUY or SELL. 2. Same color Engulfing is also considered as Engulfing(White engulfs by White and Black engulfs by Black). 3. Difference between Body Engulfing and High to Low…

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This is reserved post long hang seng on vacation…

Questions From Readers ——————— Thanks for your reply… Double Block free and free advanced version both are working nicely in lower timeframe…. Thanks a lot sir…. In one of your videos you have mentioned “Double Block With Same Color pattern”… But I couldn’t get the pattern… kindly send a me a picture of that pattern…

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Is there any secret behind candlestick formation

Questions From Readers ——————— >1. How to analyse the sentiment and psychology of a candlestick With respect to >candle Open, High, Low , Close, upper wick & Lower tail and the closing range .. >please explain sir… candlestick do not consider upper wick & Lower tail . so analyse the sentiment and psychology candlestick color…

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