I trade on 5 min chart on a one minute Binary option?

I trade on 5 min chart on a one minute Binary option?


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Hi Long,

Thank you very much for the video. I always wait till the candle is complete.

That’s very important for me. What kind of Candlestick do you suggest.

I trade on 5 min chart on a one minute binary option?

Thank you.


One minutes binary expectation value is low.

day time binary expectation value is high.

price does not reach at target price more than we think.
Binary broker knows that almost people are emotional and impulsive.

They choose one minute.

one minute binary is broker profit source.

so we must choose daily basis binary option.

my suggest is daily chart.

long body + no hege (shadow)


long hege (shadow)+ long body

These pattern

Easy to understand the future direction.
Latest Candlestick Patterns

New traders spend hours learning how to interpret candlestick charts.
They scour through charts that show patterns that formed months or years ago and attempt to learn them all.
But when they’re trading it suddenly becomes more difficult to see what pattern is forming right at the right hand edge of the chart.
Nothing seems to happen as it does in books.
The trick is not to look at the last candle on the chart but to interpret the candlestick patterns directly preceding the last candle for some insight into

What will follow.

The Frying Pan Bottom candlestick pattern is a reversal bullish pattern.
As the downtrend starts to lose strength, the smaller candles form and as the trend begins curling upwards it gets stronger indicating a very strong bullish

That’s how the frying pan forms.

The Cradle Candlestick Pattern is also a reversal bullish pattern.
The Cradle is a pattern that is symmetrical and fairly easy to spot.
It has long red candles which signify the downtrend.
These are followed by a series of trading days where the traders are undecided where to go.
Finally, a strong bullish candle forms, which is almost exactly the same size as the final bearish candle which formed on the downtrend.
This indicates that the bulls are out in force.

The Three Inside Down candlestick pattern is a bearish reversal pattern.
The candle shown on the first day of this three day advanced candlestick pattern is a strong bullish candlestick.
However, on the second day the stock falls and the bulls can酷t bring the stock back and the stock closes down.
On the third day the trend continues lower and closes below the opening of the first day.
This shows a strong bearish signal which is confirmed by a strong bearish candlestick on the fourth day.
This pattern generally confirms the Harami as the second day shows a weakness in the bullish trend and the third and fourth days confirm this weakness as


What do you think of the EUR/USD? 5 min Chart?