Advanced Candlestick Trading Introduction

Advanced Candlestick Trading Introduction

Reader’s message

1. The purpose is to understand exactly price action.
I’m very serious about trading full time and have to be correct 90% of the time.
INDICATORS are always lagging. Perfect enter and perfect exit.
Also know when the price action will change direction. It’s very important.

2. I had a great run on usd/jpy and all of sudden I crashed and lost more then I gained.
I was trading binary option, which may not be the best. I have also traded forex as well and enjoyed it.
Please let me know your favorite style.

3. As already mentioned I had 7 trades in the money and then I had 5 out of the money.
I doubled my trade amount to cover my loss. And ended up with loss. But this is not were I quit. This is were I become a better trader.


If you master candlestick essential price action
you don’t have to full time trade any more.
because no need complicated analysis
no need gathering information to trade.

you can reduce trading time but increase profit.

all indicators source code are candlestick essential price action.

all of them predict the price higher or lower.
last bar price action up and down shows trader’s phycology.
it is not important to candlestick trader the price go higher or go lower.
because, last bar price action is other people phycology, other people money and other people time.
we candlestick trader do not trade with other people.

the point is use other people phycology, other people money and other people time.
this is very important.

always last bar price is action.

there are some markets.

stocks, futures, forex, option

all of them price essential only 2 patterns.
video here

Candlestick Trading Advanced