Better life financially Candlestick Trading

Better life financially Candlestick Trading

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Hello Long,

Thanks for your reply.

I recently took a trading seminar & these experts stress supply & demand levels…direction of trend…curve analysis…& always use a stop loss. It seams very tedious, but as they say the correct way to trade.

Is the Candlesticks theory you apply a better end result or the above mentioned?

Also do you have any literature on Candlesticks trading that I can purchase—I am not to understanding of price action—I am new to trading but would like to understand it & try to make a better life financially, if possible.

Candlesticks theory has been around a very long time & I would like to learn & understand it & apply it…if only you can show me the way.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank You.

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Yes too much information and many action are stress and complicated.

We just need axis entry
almost trader don’t have core.

Yes you can make a best life financially, possible .

Here is better life financially candlestick trading.

Better life financially Candlestick Trading

Long candlestick and close
Step 2
Candlestick body smaller than previous bar
Price action trend change
Sell entry
After price go down
Vice versa