candlestick body color important


Hello sir

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My Trading method consists of only 2 things : My view is

1. Trends ( Uptrend or Downtrend )

Uptrend = it starts with white bar (bear) and ends at black bar (Bull)

Downtrend = it starts with Black bar (Bull) and ends at white bar (Bear)

2. Retracements

I only wait for Retracement to take entry , when the price comes back then i take entry.

My question is
1.When the price Retrace, what will be the final point of retraement?

2. Many times the retracement will become trend change, I want to know from where the
Trend changes.

3. If the uptrend reverses in the previous trend which bar high is important , Black or white bar?

4. Final question : which bar Low or high important for intersecting trades.



video here