candlestick body colour change then entry next colour change target

readers question
here is video

Hello Long

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Now I’m able to take time to scalp the DAX in M1 timeframe.
I think that the most powerful pattern is just Engulfing.

When I see one outside bar, I buy or sell immediately.
Stop loss at the other side of the outside bar.
Take profit : on Bollinger bands or middle.
risky to take a trade too near from the Bollinger band.

What do you think ?
Is there a better pattern to scalp the DAX in M1 timeframe ?

Thank you !
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PS : for 1 min timeframe, what do you think which would be the best ?
Color trading pattern ?

1.identify candlestick colour change
2.last bar  colour change candlestick upper side close
3.put sell stop order to colour change candlestick high,next colour change
here is video