Candlestick Price Action Basic plan

Candlestick Price Action Basic Plan


Reader’s message

1. what is your purpose to learn candlestick trading?
To become a profitable trader

2. what is your trading problem?
Timing and fear

3. if you have recent trade history please tell me
Last week I ran into 7 losing trades in one week.
(Not good, real bad)

Thank you very much for your time


To become a profitable trader,
order timing is very important.
not trade timing.

Order timing.

Order timing is once a daily.

Good order timing = Good profit trade.

Please look back

Last week you ran into 7 losing trades in one week.

Your order timing maybe broken in pieces.

like this

buy market order 5:35 pm
sell market order 11:26 am

5:35 to 11:26
there are long empty time
ideal order

when candlestick price close New York timing


Place order like this

buy stop order 5:50 pm
sell stop order 5:55 pm
In this order process
whereon the candlestick pure price action theory.

You become a profitable trader automatically.

candlestick price action basic plan

look chart New York close timing.


place order
(not market order and not trade. only place order)

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