Candlestick Style for Trading

Candlestick Style for Trading


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I am new to trading would like to learn your candlestick style for trading.

You may contact me at.

Thank You.

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Thank you for your message
Candlestick style for trading is below


Delete all indicator

Select day time frame


Open price

High price

Low price

Close price


If you use indicator then trading is not candlestick price action anymore.

So when you Candlestick Trading
You have to look pure price action


Late and missed entries candlestick trading
It is a common occurrence among Forex traders to have late entries and even
in other cases completely missed entries. Therefore, it is not something new
even for traders who use the candlestick trading strategy.
A late entry refers to a buy or a sell entry that is made late; after a
certain duration of time has passed since the signal to place an order was
generated. On the other hand, a missed entry is a situation where the trader
misses to notice the signal to place an order and comes to realize about it
In any of the two cases (late and missed entries) when using the candlestick
trading, the trader should avoid opening positions. This mostly applies to
the late entries where most traders may be driven by greed to place an order.
If the trader is late to open a position (buy or sell) he or she should shun
from placing any order and wait for another signal to be generated.

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