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Candlestick Patterns

Faq 1 min timeframe candlestick trading strategy

youtube subscriber  question———————Green candles should be higher high higher high ?Third green candle before colour change should be close above red candle ?Which candle high should be cross green candle ( third candle) or colour change red candle for buy?——————— here is video

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bull bear rejected why? because harami

readers question———————SirI just now have watched your video. Why this reversal failed? I have understood the failing of harami. But the 2nd reversal, I don’t understand why this failed.Thank you sir——————— here is video

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How to identify now the market is reversal trade

readers question———————Please see my attach chart. I trade bull, bear rejection price fail to go downside and when price came back at the same level then i put i sell entry. Now at present chart how to identify market reversal trend? Please explain Thanks ——————— here is video

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Changing price font sizes in MT4

readers question —————— can you help me sir in MT4 chart i see these numbers small in size , i want to make it bigger to view better, if any code or anything. please help. please check the picture Thanks —————— CustomScale_v2 >>Download Cursor price indicator

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How to take the trades confidently?

readers question——————— As a serious follower of your videos , I understand lot of concepts in depth. But as u say , everything is inside and outside close. In this video , the bull candles you shown are inside close. That is bull candles closed inside of bear candles. So it is range. And the…

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