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    candlestick trading human being 

    student message
    Hello sir , how are you.
    Thanks for your every video you have provided and teach me many things.

    Today i got a question which is not technical but it is for my informatioin

    we are using the candlestick trading method. i want to know why it works
    better than any indicator . why it will move when the pattern will create.
    who will run this market. some time it goes slowly and some times it will move very speed up or downside… why it happens and how this happens

    If you reply it will be a good knowledge for me


    video here


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    strategy works best for stock market 

    strategy works best for stock market

    readers message


    hello sir , last day i found your book on ichimoku and your website about color trading . sir i am from India and i trade in stock market . sir pleas advise me which of your strategy works best for stock market?

    does color trading strategy works for stock market ?

    with regards,



    these strategy works


    sure color trading works for stock market

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    Daily basis binary Options high low trade 

    Daily basis binary Options high low trade

    readers message

    Hello Long,

    I trade Binary Options on a 5 minute timeframe with a 5 minute expiry. Recently I’ve seen a YouTube video you made regarding predicting the next candle color. I have lost many trades recently and have been searching for candlestick patterns to consistently predict the next candle, whether it be with indicators or price alone. If you can help me I will surely appreciate it. The binaries I currently trade give me the options to trade in the money (risk $70-$90 to make $10-$30), at the money (risk $40-$60 to make $40-$60) and out of the money (risk $1-$30 to make $70-$99). I hope to hear back from you thank you.


    if you trade high low type option
    I recommend dairy basis

    buy option

    if 3bar from last bar white candlestick
    2bar from last bar white candlestick
    previous bar black candlestick
    and last bar black then buy


    sell option
    if 3bar from last bar black candlestick
    2bar from last bar black candlestick
    previous bar white candlestick
    and last bar white then sell

    video here


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    Tags: candlestick course   

    Candlestick Course 


    Long hang seng here

    student message
    Hello sir
    1.Answer = YES
    ( I have learned Candlestick Patterns and executed mostly with Color & Double Block patters and Exit by Myself )

    2. Answer = ( I have exact annual trading plan )
    I am a intraday trader , I watch daily chart and move to 15 min chart to trade,
    I risk only 2% of my capital
    I only Trade with candlestick , no any indicators
    I trade with candlestick stop loss, I do not trade without stop loss
    Monthly I plan to get income of 10% from my capital
    Annual income will be 100% from my capital
    3. Answer = YES
    ( I have already results from candlestick trading patterns, mostly with engulfing & Harami patters which i have learned from you.)


    click here

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    student message
    Hello sir
    How are you
    I am ready to take the Complete Candlestick Course which you have made of $ 2000, I already completed all the courses from you, Please make this course for me soon, and I only trade in Crude Oil. I need this course to trade in crude oil at the best level.
    Please teach me all the important of trading from basic to advance in this course

    Please send me the link, I am ready to pay the amount
    Thank you
    Yours Student

    please answer below 3 question

    ・I have learned candlestick pattern and execute entry until exit by myself
    YES or NO

    ・I have exact annual trading plan
    please tell me detail about it

    ・I have already result with candlestick trading pattern
    YES or NO

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    student message Hi Long  Quick question I am… 

    student message


    Hi Long,  Quick question.
    I am trading Double Block End of Day. Things are going ok. I am long the AUDUSD. Today was an inside bar. Do I move the Stop loss to the low, or keep it back at the previous candle low?
    Your Student


    if your position favor you can replace stop loss
    but if your position not profit then leave it as it is.
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    Tags: just keep current trade slowly building up   

    just keep current trade slowly building up 

    just keep current trade slowly building up

    student message
    Hi Long,

    As you know, I decided to trade daily candles and stop intraday trading.

    My pairs and positions

    1. Long GBPUSD -14 pips
    2. Long NZDUSD +48 pips.
    3. Long AUDUSD +24.6 pips
    4. Short USDCAD +17.5 pips

    I have moved the stop losses on some of the pairs to lower risk. So far, so good. I am trading 1 micolot. I will use the Las Vegas Method Money Management Method.

    I will update you each day. I use Oanda as well. I am trading a small $1700 test account. What do I need to do to earn about $4,000.00 per month? Which trading method? How much do I need to trade with?

    Looking forward to taking your Forex Course soon.

    Your Student,
    just keep current trade

    we have to understand candlestick essential on course

    but now Don’t rush

    do not over lot size
    this is very very important

    keep las vegas

    slowly building up

    video here

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