certain candles that mean more than others??


certain candles that mean more than others??


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Not sure I quite understand
Isn’t there anything more than that
Aren’t there certain candles that mean more than others??
Please elaborate your theory
Thank You

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certain candles that mean more than others??
there are certain mean.

why use daily candlestick?

daily shows all of human daily action.
for example
sleep, eating, sex…

price action is human action.
short term trader think
they want sack money instantly.
so they are very emotional.
and lose money in the short time.
candlestick trader use them.
because, emotional trader transaction is money source.

hege (shadow) is human emotional action.
so during last bar pricing hege (shadow)
absolutely, we don’t trrade.
wait close price.
next, why delete all indicator?

indicator shows each feature.
but all of them are noise.
not pure.
indicator source is candlestick pure price action.
so we must look pure price action.
not need indicator anymore.
also trendline support or resistance.


why look
open price
high price
low price
close price?

because these are candlestick pure basic source.

almost trader want to know last bar price up or down.
so they are always looking last bar.
last bart always pricing temporary high and low.
this is very important.

last candlestick price action and the other candlestick price action difference,
temporary or confirmed.
last bar always temporary emotional human action.
last candlestick price action have hege (shadow) potential.

so we must know
what to do and
what not to do.

we don’t trade short time frame because part of daily and temporary pricing.
we wait last bar close price.

Guide line how to I gether a proper candlestick price action