CFD 10Y T-Note Candlestick

CFD 10Y T-Note Candlestick


Since the 1970’s 10 Year Treasury Note and the 30 year fixed mortgage have had a very tight correlation. T-Notes and T-Bonds are quoted on the secondary market at percentage of par in thirty-seconds of a point.

Candlestick Strategy at 10Y T-Note Market


Hikkake means hang
To find a Hikkake pattern, first look for an inside bar.

For a bullish Hikkake, the candlestick after the inside bar must have a lower low and a lower high to signify a bearish break-out of the inside bar. When this bearish break-out fails, we get a long Hikkake setup.

For a bearish Hikkake, the next candlestick must have a higher high and higher low. When this bullish break-out of the inside bar fails, the market forms a short Hikkake setup.

If the gap is accompanied by heavy volume, go long and place a stop-loss at the lower end of the gap.

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