CFD at Gas Candlestick

CFD at Gas Candlestick


Hammer price action trading CFD at Gas candlestick the Gas market opened, then at some point sell position traders took control of the market and pushed it lower.

By the end of the day,buy position trader won and had enough strength to close the stock at the top of the range.

Hammers can develop after a cluster of stop loss orders are hit.

That’s when professional traders come in to grab best price to trade at a lower price.

so you can trade this timing

CFD at Gas CandlestickCFD at Gas Candlestick


Powerful Forex Price Action Trading
According to many traders, price action trading is a powerful Forex trading option.
Though there is no such thing as “Holy Grail” in trading, price action trading can be close to that if used properly.
It is a form of technical analysis and it uses candles on a chart which represents data.
This data shows what the market has been doing for the specified time range.
For example if it is a daily candle then it shows what the market did for that day.
All economic data and global news that effect price in any way will be reflected on the price chart so it eliminates almost any use of following the news.
After learning the basics of price action trading, traders can begin to learn the true power behind trading with price action.
If a trader find that the market is trending then you have to decide which way it is trending, up or down.
Knowing all of this information is beyond helpful when deciding to enter a trade or not.
The main thing that separates price action trading from all other trading strategies is that it uses “clean” or “naked” charts.
There are no indicators or anything confusing on your chart, the only thing that is there is raw price displayed as candles.
By using raw price or candlesticks, one can easily identify a trending market or a ranging market in a very simple way.
If it is making lower lows and lower highs then traders know that it is in a downtrend.
Determining a ranging market can be a lot trickier and harder to identify.
A ranging market is when candles are stuck within a support zone and a resistance zone. Often prices will hit the support and resistance
zones multiple times without moving outside of the range.
With the help of price action trading, traders can also know if the ranging market is in the right place or not.

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