CFD UK 100 Candlestick

CFD UK 100 Candlestick


The Morning Star price action trading CFD UK 100 candlestick

The Morning Star Candlestick Pattern is made up of 3 candles

1st candlestick long black followed by a short white or black candle which is then followed by a long white candle.

And you have to wait close of the third candle that is at least 50% way up the body of the first candle.

When you found in a downtrend, this pattern can be a powerful reversal pattern.

Powerful selling into the downtrend in the period which forms the first black candle, then a period of lower trading but with a reduced range which forms the second period.

So important point is wait next candlestick close price position.

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CFD UK 100 CandlestickCFD UK 100 Candlestick