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Help Long,

First, I would like to know what course this man is talking about. A £5300
course ?
I’ve just bought your course “http://candlestick-”, but it was same links that your ebooks on
Do you still trade the same way ?
For the scalping strategy, as the stop loss is very far, I was quite
afraid, i tried and had 2 loosing trades the first day 🙁

I’m very impressed with your trading results. CONGRATULATIONS !
How do you make to have so much opened positions, all winning ones ?
It seems as if your stop loss don’t get much reached… Do you just wait
until trades are good, or do you sometimes close loosing trades ?

I tried with “Othello Pattern” on D1 and H4. Bad results on H4, too few
trades on D1… and with the trailing stop (at the low or high of each new
candlestick) I wonder if a ration of 1/1 stop loss / take profit can be

I wish you the best trades.

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Why technical trading is easier?

The term technical trading is one of the important terms for traders.
Now-a-days technical trading is more reliable to the traders than investing blindly into something.
In the past few years, more trading tools are being invented and used by traders.
Most trading tools are mainly graphs and charts which are interpreted by experts.

The time of blindly investing money in the market has long gone.
In this era of competition, people want to be successful and technical trading is helping them to get more profit than ever.
Technical trading means using tools for making the decision of buy or sell in the trading.
The decision of making the right call is one of the most important parts for trading in the market.
If a trader can know when the market trend will change and when to invest, the chances of getting more profit rises.
The predictions help the traders to know about the incoming phases of the market and give enough time to take a decision about the trading.

That’s why people are now being more comfortable in technical trading rather than just making investment according to other traders.
The most common tool is candlestick graphs.
The high accuracy rate of the prediction made from the candlestick patterns have made it popular among the traders.
The Japanese predictions are said to have higher accuracy than others.
That’s why experts are using it for trading and also more and more patterns are being invented successfully.

Technical trading mainly shows the traders the trend changing points of the market and also the variations of the investments of the traders.
As a result, the trader can easily know when to buy or sell and get more profits from the trading.
The risk of losing money also narrows down while trading technically.
That’s why technical trading is a much easier than other ways of trading.

Here is engulfing next bar sell entry you can take profit