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  • Demo account

MT 4>file > open data folder >MQL4 >Experts
drag&drop to chart

  • Real account Slave-Trade-Copier
    MT 4>file > open data folder >MQL4 >Experts
    drag&drop to chart

you can copy in the same local PC
copy from demo(real)  to demo(real)
launch 2 Mt4 in the same PC (VPS)

Broker A demo(real)USDJPY
→BrokerA demo(real)USDJPY 

Broker A demo(real)USDJPY
→BrokerB demo(real)USDJPY

✅You can multiple copy trade
✅You can set Max lot size on slave account
✅copy Market limit stoporder
✅Copy reverse trade
✅copy same as master
✅You can change magic number

some brokers doesn’t copy TPSL but when your master account reaches TPSL then close position on slave account.
in this case use copier as stealth order.

●slave parameter
・CopierMagicNumber: put any number
・Max Points Difference Between Master and slave:
point number difference between master and slave

・OrderExpireSeconds :
ex. if you put 5 ,5seconds past trade does not copy
・slaveLotSize:  you can set slave account lot size
・Trade Opposite: if you set true then copy reverse trade
・LotMultiplier: Multiplier lot size
・trade slippage: you can set slippage・ PostFix
for example
copy from EURUSD >> EURUSD.i
put “.i” to PostFix

・ PreFix
for example
copy from EURUSD >> X.EURUSD
put “.X” to PostFix

●Master parameter: 

CopierMagicNumber: put any number
Send_MarketOrders: if true, copy market order

Send_PendingOrders: if true, copy limit and stoporder