Is cross bar A not for Profitable Trading

Is cross bar A not for Profitable Trading

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Thank you for watching candlestick trading video
Hi Long,
Cross bar trading 4 GBP/USD (Picture above was 51:15 mins in the webinar)
There are 2 cross bars (Dojis) here, A and B
In the webinar you chose cross bar B for your analysis
Is cross bar A not for profitable trading?
For Cross Bar B, what is the stop loss?

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How candlestick patterns can help to make a decision

Trading in the Forex market is not easy as people can easily lose a lot of money due to a wrong decision.
That’s when technical trading concept changes the luck of the traders.
With technical trading, people are getting less lose in their trade and making more profit.

Technical trading mainly defines a situation when the traders start to use a technical analysis to decide their trading options.
Making the buy or sell decision is the most crucial thing in a trader’s life.
A technical analysis can help them in making that call.
With the help of predictions done through technical analysis, which are mostly charts and graphs, one can easily know how the change will occur in the market and when.
So, making a buy or sell call becomes easier for them.

One of the most practiced technical analyses is candlestick graphs or candlestick patterns.
Though candlestick patterns only show a trader variation of the market which will remain for a short time, it has helped many people to get the right decision about their investment.
The best and most accurate candlestick predictions are the Japanese predictions which are becoming popular day by day.

A candlestick pattern can show a trader the highest price, the lowest price, the opening price and the closing price.
So, by analyzing the graph of the days’ candlesticks, predictions can be done about the trend of the market and the next possible turn of the market.
It can also show the trading tendency of the traders.
Experts are analyzing more candle patterns and zonal patterns to get more accurate predictions for the traders, which are helping them in many ways.

Over all, by technical trading the rate of loss for the traders are being narrowed down which is a good thing for the traders.

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Is cross bar A not for Profitable TradingIs cross bar A not for Profitable Trading