Cross Higher Candlestick then buy

Cross + Higher Candlestick then buy


Cross Higher Candlestick then buy

reader’s message

Thanks for your replay .I see your nice example and I can understand, you are clear me to step by step so nicely, Sir would you mind please give me another example like this step by step i can understand.

Here is buy entry example

Step 1
Candlestick close lower than previous bar

Step 2
Last bar close higher than previous bar high

Step 3
Next bar close higher than last bar then buy

Sir would you mind please give me another type of example.


Here it is

Cross Higher Candlestick then buy

Step 1
Cross (arrow bar)
Step 2
Next candlestick black and close
Step 3
Next bar buy
After price go up


All about Doji pattern

Candlesticks patterns are helping traders in a great way to get the most possible predictions for making an investment.

The high accuracy rate of the candlestick pattern prediction has made it popular to the traders.
Doji pattern is a very common pattern in candlestick graphs.

A Doji is a single-candle reversal pattern.
It can be either bullish or bearish.
A Doji almost look like to crossed lines.
The body of the Doji is so small that it appears as a line.
That’s how Dojis can look like a plus sign, a gravestone or a dragonfly.
A doji points out the instability of the market and the prices.
In a Doji situation, neither buyer nor the seller can get a profit or extra benefit.

The bullish Doji appears after a downtrend, whereas the bearish Doji appears after an uptrend.
The Doji is a confused pattern.
In common Doji, the open and close prices are very close.
In a gravestone Doji, the open and close price is at the lowest price.
The dragonfly is the reverse position of gravestone Doji.
When a Doji appears, traders have to look around the pattern to surely choose a position for their trading.
The best way is to not buy or sell at that time, as it is not a powerful position to invest.
A Doji star however refers to “Sell” according to many experts.
Doji patterns show the exhaustion and instability of the traders in the market.
A Doji often appears after some lower lows or some higher highs.
There are also some zonal patterns available with Dojis in it.
It is better to go with the predictions of those zonal patterns when a Doji appears in the perspective trading interest.

Dojis are very important patterns for the traders as they can give a proper knowledge to the traders about the state of trading in the market and also help them to abstain from taking any wrong decision.

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