Candlestick Trading Do not Trade until price close

Candlestick Trading Do not Trade until price close


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Thank you so very much. I trade for ex and binary.

What are your thoughts on binary.

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Of course candlestick apply for binary

It is important decide to trade when price close.

look close price

this is common thinking in the forex,futures,stock,option and also binary candlestick trading

Do not trade until price close

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Micro trendlines small steep trendlines in strong trends candlestick
Trendlines are very helpful in determining current trends when it comes to Forex trading.
The trendlines (trend lines) show the direction (uptrend or downtrend) and strength of the current trend.

When drawing trend lines the trader should therefore not only take note of the direction pointed by the trendline
but he or she should also take note of the strength of the trend by analysing the steepness of the drawn trendline ( which is depicted by the inclination angle of the trendline).

However, since drawing a long trendline may probably not clearly depict the strength of the current trend of the market prices,
the trader is advised to draw micro trendlines/ small steep trendlines over a few candlesticks so as to identify the strength of the market price trend.

The direction of drawing the micro trendlines should be from the previously formed candlesticks to the current forming candlestick.

The long body + No shadow and/or the long hedge + Long body on daily price action?