double block trade same as last bar color

double block trade same as last bar color

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Hello Mr Long,

Thank you for your availability and your previous answers. I’ve seen your videos on the double block strategy. Is this strategy part of color trading training? Anyway, it is simple and seems to work in test.

However, I identified a setup yesterday on the AUDNZD pair, and I took a long postion. I had a failure. Can you tell me what has been misinterpreted?

This is the picture: Screenshot
Also, in this strategy where i put the take profit or stop loass?

Thanks, and i look forward to start your color trading training.


in this chart green candlesticks shows bull price up bar
and red candlesticks shows bear price down bar
so up up down down
double double entry next bar open price

we candlestick trader entry direction same as last bar color
double block pattern last bar is red so next open price sell entry
not long buy entry

up up down down so next sell
if double block pattern red red green green then next bar open long buy entry

here is one of the exit strategy
last bar close price exit
up up down down next bar open price sell and close price exit
so target and stop loss same as last bar close price

Thank you