Forex Color Trading Method


Forex Color Trading Method

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Hi Long yes i took profit I ve seen somewhere on your website
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you can trade with Forex color trading method


The color for normal filled candlesticks is based on the change from close to close,

but it is important to identify continuous color pattern that occure in any market charts

it is always used to represent a period where the price close and

Identify new trend initial and ending trend so can easily entry position buy and sell

you can instant results by taking the color trading through candlestick charts.

Use color-based candlesticks to assess selling or buying pressure and confirm reversals.

They usually look for multiple bullish / bearish candles

There are Heiken Ashi around that are  similar to this.

But this is the only edge I found which has this “number of same colored candles needed to open a trade

If previous candle is “bullish”, it will open “BUY” position in the next open of candle.

and If previous candle is “bearish”, it will open “SELL” position in the next open of candle.

almost trader fail doing this

because they do not recognize color trading

color trading strategy is applicable for all asset classes and for their derivatives, Options and Futures
Stocks, ETF’s, Mutual Funds,Commodities,Currencies, Treasuries
You can use measures short-term price-action and changes and expresses in a candle-color-sequence
when a potential institutional price move is happening.

Follow one color and trade the trend from the beginning to the end

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Color Trading Method

Double top and bottom pullbacks candlesticks