Harami or Engulfing Pattern appear then entry

Harami or Engulfing Pattern appear then entry

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Hello Long,

I understand better…
Do you sometimes buy or sell at market (like for Othello pattern), or do you always do “buy stop” and “sell stop” orders ?
Do you enter buy stop or sell stop orders only on big candle at the opposite side (reversal) like “Strongest strategy” ?
Or also for other strategies such as harami ?

In the videos that you did send on strongest strategy, you told that take profit was same as stop loss. Is it still right ?
Or do you go straight to break even / no take profit ?



In this video, there is a loosing trade on a small bar, buy ou say “it’s okay”.
How to deal with it ?

Thank you !


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Important Candlestick signs traders need to know
Candlesticks signs are helping traders to know the perfect timing for making their trades.
For a trader who is frequently trading in the market, it is very important to know all the tricks and signs which can help them in a safe trading.

The most important candlestick signs are hammers, the hanging man, the gravestone Doji, the Doji star, dark cloud cover and the Harami.
These common signs are very important for traders to decide their next move.
But if any sign is misinterpreted, the traders may face a loss.

The most important fact is figuring out a hammer as the hanging man also looks alike hammer.
The problem is that the hammer is a clear sign for “Buy” to a trader while as the hanging man refers to “Sell”.
The hanging man looks just like hammer, but it comes after a long uptrend.
The hanging man is identified with their very small real body which refers the small range between the opening and closing prices.
The hanging man has a long lower shadow.

The gravestone Doji comes after a series of lower lows and lower highs.
This sign is a good moment for investment.
But the Doji star refers in “Sell” for the traders.
All Dojis refer the unstable condition of the market, but if a trader can be careful, they can make the right choice by differentiating when to invest and when to withdraw.

The dark cloud cover sign includes two candlesticks, first one green and the second one red with long body.
The second candle opens higher than the first one and closes in the middle of the first body.
This sign is a clear message to sell.
The Harami includes two candlesticks.
When the day’s candlestick can properly fit inside the candlestick of the day before, it’s called Harami, which means pregnant in English.
It indicates sell to the traders.

I want to learn only Scalping Trading

Harami or Engulfing Pattern appear then entryHarami or Engulfing Pattern appear then entry