How to master the counter trend trading strategy

reader’s question


Hi Long: I understand that inside close is harami/range. And outside close is engulfing/trend.

How do you trade the outside close when it is counter trend? For example, like 11-15-21 AUDUSD daily bar. Close is outside the range of 11-12-21 daily bar. Do you have a video showing how you trade this counter trend?

Thank you

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Countertrend trading is the opposite trading approach
​in which the trader seeks to profit from the price movement
​that is going against the prevailing trend.

​​Countertrend trading is a form of swing trading that assumes
​that the current market trend will reverse or retrace and
​then try to capitalize on the pullback as the underlying trend continues.

​​Countertrend trading strategies are strategies
​that look for a trend that is about to change and try to make a profit
​by trading at the beginning of a reversal pattern.

​​Some traders consider them to be more risky than trend trading,
​but your risk is mitigated by determining
​which signals or signals you will use to detect a trend change.

if you want to take profit
do this.​​​