There are Human Time Frame in the Forex Market

There are Human Time Frame in the Forex Market


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Thank you, Long, as always.

Now I’m looking to make an automated strategy on Forex or on the CAC40.

My goal is to make 50% annual return, with an automated strategy via ProRealTime.

The screenshot is the backtest of the strategy that I am using on US500.
Quite good, buy I would like to do the same on EUR/USD or CAC40.

I think I will have a lot of work to find a good strategy and to write the code…

How do you make 90% wins on forex ? With bad risk / reward of breakeven early ?

What is your annual return ?

Do you have a good “automatic strategy” that I could write for ProRealTime ?

Thank you
Best Regards,

Annual 500% over.

Yes I have.

To make 90% win trade,
use human time frame.

There are human time frame in the Forex market.


Sydney time frame
Tokyo time frame
London time frame
New York time frame

Break and close each time frame high or low then entry.

It is important to select one of them.

Only London, only New York etc..

But each time frame works.

50% return easy.

It is better to select the next Candle closes outside the range of the Candle first time