if you want to trade 1minute binary option

readers question

Hello Mr.Long,

                            Thanks for your effort and generosity….. Thank you so much.
I know u won’t recommend 1 min.. But I asked you a strategy regarding Binary option, bcoz I would like to learn from yours ” The Complete Candlestick Course”…. It costs $3000. To earn that money I have to earn quickly with small investment.  Bcoz already I’ve lost several hundreds of dollars.
After seeing your videos on YouTube , its completely new way and unique and it gave me confidence. 
After that I bought your kindle books and purchased 2 courses…
But all are for Daily time frame.  It takes too long with minimum capital with 0.01 lot. 
But I have applied your double block , double block advanced, three color continuation in Binary for 1 min. It is nice but I couldn’t make that much….. That’s why I asked u a sureshot strategy….
The video which gave me the confidence is :
I really learnt lots of concepts. But all are for Forex and for Daily… 
Anyways Thanks for Your great effort and help….
Thanks and Regards,


video here