I'm up about for last week

I’m up about for last week

message from reader

Hi Long, i have a trading style very different from yours, based on fundamentals and price action,

i also use Fibornacci levels, it is vital to check with the big time frames first (weekly, daily),

and stalk your entry on smaller time frames,

i`m up about %20 for last week, and i would like to keep it to that way. Cheers! Dorin

%20! great:)
yes each trader have a good field.

anyway it is important to enjoy trade!

The Psychology behind Inside Bar Candlestick Patterns

Inside bar candlestick patterns are created during periods of price contraction.
The patterns can be found in trending or range bound markets and are a great tool for increasing your odds of finding winning trades.
Before we look at the best ways to trade inside bar candlestick patterns we need to be able to identify them.
The pattern will always be created by a period where the high and low are within the high and low of the previous period.
If the preceding period is a green candle the inside bar must be red and if the preceding bar is a red candle the inside bar must be green.
As with all candlestick patterns, the inside bar helps us to identify a possible shift in investor sentiment.
Just like the worlds best poker players are always considering what cards their opponents are holding, the worlds best traders are always considering what

positions the rest of the market are holding.
The inside bar candlestick pattern is such a valuable tool because it tells us that the market is not as bullish or bearish as it was in the preceding period.
Being able to identify periods of market expansion and contraction will help any trader improve their odds of find a winning trade.
Because, we know from history that expansion and contraction can only last so long.
When either of those market phases ends, the resulting moves can be explosive.
The great thing about inside bar candlestick patterns is that they provide visual evidence that the market has contracted and may be ready to reverse the

current trend.
As with all of our other trading strategies, traders need specific rules that will help them avoid losing trades.
They need specific entry and exit criteria to be able to measure whether our rules are a success or failure.
That’s why trading with inside bar candle patterns are more popular to the traders.


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I'm up about for last week