Isn’t it a little bit risky?

Isn’t it a little bit risky?

reader’s message

Hello Long

I saw your video on “Strongest strategy” :

So If I see, you can take a minimum profit (like break even or 10 pips) for a large stop loss (like 100 pips),
after the end of the day (never during a day) ?

Isn’t it a little bit risky ?

So of course now I understand how you get a 90% winning ratio ; but at risk of bad risk reward.
Buy sometimes you must have very good trades with strong trends, to may back the money you did loose on some stop losses.

Am I right ?

So if “strongest strategy” is your favorite one, can you show us some more examples on how to apply it ?
You must have everyday some trades with it.

Thank you !
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Candlestick Patterns: All the Star patterns

There are different types of candlestick patterns available with various predictions.
In Japanese candlestick predictions some patterns named after various stars are discussed.
These patterns are very important as Japanese patterns are predicted more accurately than others.

The Shooting star is the exact opposite pattern of a hammer.
It is a bearish single candle reversal pattern.
The upper shadow is at least two times the size of the body in the lowest part.
A shooting star comes after an uptrend.
It can be green or red in color.
So, color is not the main factor here.
Green shooting stars are more bullish, whereas the red ones are bearish.

The evening star is a three candle, bearish reversal pattern.
This is one of the powerful patterns with a very high accuracy rate.
It comes after an uptrend.
The first candle is a green candle with long body and two small wicks in the up and down side.
The second candle is a smaller real body either in green or red.
The third candle is a red long body with no wick and it is long enough to be inside the first candle.

The morning star is a three candle bullish reversal pattern.
It comes after a downtrend.
Like the evening star, the first candle of the morning star has a long body but it is red.
The second candle looks like a small hammer with a small wick.
The third candle doesn’t have a wick and it is green.
After the morning star the trend can reverse or remain the same.

The star patterns can also add other candles and give a new prediction.
So, the traders have to follow all the before and after candle patterns to get the correct result.
But the first important work is to figure out the patterns from the graph.

Isn’t it a little bit risky?Isn't it a little bit risky?