It is good to trade Upside or Downside

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It is good to trade Upside or Downside

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Hi Long thanks for your reply I feel a little silly saying im no wiser after you showed me the video
and then you explained it so clearly i think my grandson could understand it
kind regards

price continue to move up or down.
so it is good to trade upside or downside.

Price repeat up-and-down motion and form a new trend.
The top and bottom of the trend will be support and resistance.
each one of candlesticks not a big movement
but become group then shows after the price direction.

What is important here is, not predict the destination.
“It is important to trade on the basis of the movement of the price”
in a real meaning,
trade at the top and bottom is,
Riding on the initial motion the next trend.
and this is possible to increase profits.

so we have to trade with candlestick basis

Why do you place all those sell Orders?


It is good to trade Upside or DownsideIt is good to trade Upside or Downside