I just cant seem to do it on the day

I just cant seem to do it on the day

reader’s message

Hi Long (HELP) no matter what trade i put on it always goes in the opposite direction
dont get me wrong i always pick winning trades but there on yesterdays charts
I just cant seem to do it on the day
I hope you can help me .

you are thinking short time period
price always move and come back to your position
here is important thing
we have to look closing location
before closing price entry high risk trade

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Price action method and chart patterns
Price action method is used in various markets by the traders.
Many price action traders believe that this method is 100% accurate and traders can get a lot of benefits from this method.
Price action traders use the price movement to compare it with the previous results of the market and trade accordingly.
Most price action traders use the candlestick chart to observe the market price movement.
Candlestick chart patterns are very useful for making decisions regarding trades.
There are more than 100 patterns found in candlestick charts.
Knowing every pattern and interpreting these patterns is not an easy work.
The first step of being a candlestick expert is to know the basic things about the candlestick charts.
Without the basic knowledge none can understand why the patterns are forming and what the patterns’ formation mean.
The next step is to follow the candlestick charts and the market carefully.
By regularly following the market the traders can watch the effects of the candlesticks in the market and vice versa.
The best way is to learn about all the patterns one by one with all the important information about them.
There are lots of learning videos and tutorials available in the internet from where anyone can enrich their knowledge of candlesticks.
Many of these tutorials are made as step by step learning process for the beginners and others.
The knowledge should be used in trading.
Only then the traders will learn to use their knowledge in the practical field.
By successfully using the knowledge in real life, any trader can gradually become an exhttp://www.candlestick-trading.com/day78-if-you-dont-mind-please-give-me/pert in candlestick chart readings and predictions
The best thing about candlestick is they can predict a reverse in the trend before they happens.
Price action traders can easily learn the reversal patterns and apply them to safely leave the market.




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