just keep current trade slowly building up

just keep current trade slowly building up

student message
Hi Long,

As you know, I decided to trade daily candles and stop intraday trading.

My pairs and positions

1. Long GBPUSD -14 pips
2. Long NZDUSD +48 pips.
3. Long AUDUSD +24.6 pips
4. Short USDCAD +17.5 pips

I have moved the stop losses on some of the pairs to lower risk. So far, so good. I am trading 1 micolot. I will use the Las Vegas Method Money Management Method.

I will update you each day. I use Oanda as well. I am trading a small $1700 test account. What do I need to do to earn about $4,000.00 per month? Which trading method? How much do I need to trade with?

Looking forward to taking your Forex Course soon.

Your Student,
just keep current trade

we have to understand candlestick essential on course

but now Don’t rush

do not over lot size
this is very very important

keep las vegas

slowly building up

video here