las vegas lot sizing

las vegas lot sizing

student message
Hello sir,
How are you
I have seen your video of log vegas lot sizing

I have a question
if i started the first trade with 2 Lots = win = 4 lots ok
If Loss? How many Lots to trade?


Your student
video here

student question
understand the numbers to use. What I do not understand how to use 10 pips, when I use 2% of my account value per trade.
How do I use 10 pips? The risl will also be more than 10 pips. I do not understand.



10 pips is example number.
just change lot size per trade.

Ok. So I will need to use a fixed lot size of 1,2,3 4. Something like that. No more percentages. Correct?
if your risk 1% then
use las vegas number within the 1% range