learn more about Japanese forex/trading philosophy

learn more about Japanese forex/trading philosophy


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There are variety of shapes in the candlestick.
However There is no sense to remember shape of all candlesticks.
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Candlesticks have a rich history that extends far beyond their
relatively short period of popularity among today’s traders.

Technical analysis assumes that current prices represent
all known information about the markets.

A person shouldn’t attempt to disregard the emotional component of trading

by making his decisions based upon chart formations,
assuming that prices reflect both facts and emotion.

Based on these observations one can conclude

that sentiment of the market regarding the stock is changing.

One can decide to sell the position at the day’s close, or at the market open on the next day to lock the profit.

This shows how a candlestick chart trader has the advantage over the western chart trader

in that he can use the signals generated by the candlestick to help

anticipate the changing sentiments of the market regarding the stock.

Thus the open to close relationship as revealed in the candlestick chart is

more effective than the close-to-close relationship commonly used by western traders.


The Japanese are credited for developing the candlestick
techniques still in use today. These techniques originated
in the technical charting methods
used as far back as the 1600’s.
before the West developed the bar analysis Japanese candlestick chartists
were drewing charts on a scroll of rice paper from right to left
with a crow quill and India ink ground by hand.
Just spend a bit of time analyzing traditional candlestick
formations and you will begin to see how, to this day

Candlestick charts are immensely flexible and provide a powerful addition
to more common chartist techniques and an extra dimension
to your breakdown of future trends.

Investors find candlestick charts easy to understand and interpret,
with even rookies taking advantage of these charts.

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