But on My Metatrader Charts theres 26 Candles

But on My Metatrader Charts theres 26 Candles

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Hi Long ive just watched one of your videos about the 24 hour strategy. but on my metatrader charts theres 26 candles
does this make any difference
kind regards

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But on My Metatrader Charts theres 26 CandlesBut on My Metatrader Charts theres 26 Candles

Reversal candlestick patterns
The most important candlestick patterns for the traders are the reversal patterns.
These patterns actually foretell the possible trend change of the market and the traders can act according to that.
So, it is very important to know the basic things about these patterns.
Basically, all the reversal patterns are the same.
When they form in a trend they always mean the same thing.
They mean that a transition of power has occurred.
This is not the easiest concept to understand for the traders.
Reading candles is all about thinking about the candles you see on your chart in terms of the battle between the bulls and the bears.

It is not obvious that the market will turn upside down after a reversal pattern.
A reversal pattern can also state that the trend will continue.
That means after an uptrend when the pattern occurs, the trend will go down or go parallel to the pattern.
This is the most important point that most of the traders ignore while interpreting a reversal candlestick pattern.

It has to be remembered that reversal only works if there is a trend to reverse.
You cannot expect to find a bullish reversal unless a downtrend is in effect, and you cannot find
a bearish reversal unless the current trend is moving upward.
When you find those signals in the wrong places, they usually are continuation patterns sign that the price trend will continue in its current direction.
The fact that the same indicator can be either a reversal or a continuation signal should not be confusing.
It is just a matter of where it appears within the existing trend.
But if the price is moving sideways and no clear trend has been set, the prudent course is to wait patiently for some kind of movement to appear.
If the trader acts too quickly, he will be right half the time and wrong the other half.


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