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Hello Sensei,
Happy New Year 2018 to you.
Today I have something to ask you regarding color trading method. I’m not sure whether you remember or not as I’ve said I’m a binary option trader and not a forex trader so take profit and stop lost doesn’t apply to me.
In my game, I only need to predict the trend direction but the catch is sometimes the trend stop and change, there’s where I lost my money.
I have apply your color change method and sometimes it work sometimes it doesn’t.
The last video Sensei mention about 123 color continuation. I’m kinda confuse as I’m applying double block pattern advance and I’m not really sure what color continuation are you talking.
By trading color method, I realized is very much like trading a breakout. We are waiting candle to close outside then trend change and we trade. If candle close inside, no trades. That’s the thing I understand.
Sensei have too many color trading method which I do not know how to apply all of them. All I know is double block advance, if candle close outside. The next candle I trade. That’s all i know. Regarding color continuation pattern, all i know
 is if double block pattern is form inside then no trades.
We are waiting for a breakout… So if candle form outside then we trade. So this is my understand regarding color trading method. I hope Sensei can advice and teach me more to be a better binary option trader using color method.
Thank you.



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