once out side

once out side

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Hi Long,

Today I traded 5 pairs, ( EU, GU, EJ, UJ and USDCAD) and I was profitable on all of my trades. I was up 1/2%, until I had 2 losing trades and I took full losses totaling 2%. 2 trades wiped out all of my gains and more.

I took a loss on the EURUSD when it reversed long ( I was short), and when the USDJPY dropped ( I was long).

I am closing the trades at candle close on a 15m time frame according to the rules. Again, small wins, but full losses wipe out all gains. What can I do to protect myself when I win 1/2% in small profits, and lose 2% on 2 bad trades? I am not complaining about the losses, just asking for advice. I want to trade full time using your system. I have given up all of the other system and trading yours only. I believe in you. 🙂

Thank you in advance.

Your student,


I show you one of the advance tips
here is double block white white black black
candlestick go up and close out side double block

but this double block white white black black low is previous double block inside also close price previous double block inside
once price double block upper side close and previous double block inside close this means price go down
just sell double block low
we can increase profit
her is point if double block appear do not trade immidiately
because high risk
but wait previous inside close then we can increase profit

video here