Is the Passion Candle the LONG BULLISH CANDLE

Is the Passion Candle the LONG BULLISH CANDLE

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Thank you for watching candlestick trading video
Hi Long,
Cross trading 3 USD/JPY (Picture above was 44.12 mins in the webinar)
Your analysis during the webinar was:
When a Doji appears in a ranging Market as the case here, people are thinking and indecisive.
Wait for passion timing when there is a big move in the market as you can see in the long bullish candle.
Then the candle closes, execute a SELL STOP order to cross centre.
You described PASSION TIMING as human being’s reactions which could be: happiness, sadness, anger, emotions etc etc.

Is the Passion Candle the LONG BULLISH CANDLE?

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What is Harami?

The more people are joining the forex trade market, the more it is being a tough way to get profit from your investment.
The best way of investing that traders are relying is on the predictions of candlestick patterns.
The need of more accurate predictions is giving birth to more predictions.
Harami is one of the common candlestick patterns that you can found in candlestick graphs.

Harami includes two candlesticks.
So, Harami is basically a two-candle, reversal pattern which can be bearish or bullish.
If a candlestick can completely be inside the previous day’s candlestick, then that pattern is called Harami.
In English, Harami means pregnant.
Harami is included in the Japanese predictions of the candlestick graphs.

A bearish Harami can be seen after an uptrend, whereas a bullish Harami can be seen after a downtrend.
In a bearish Harami, the previous day’s candle is green whereas that day’s candle can be either red or green.
The bullish Harami is just the opposite of the bearish Harami starting with a red big candle and a green or red small candle.
The important color is the color of first candle which sets the trend and help traders to differentiate a bearish or bullish Harami.

The harami is a sign for “Sell”.
But if they are combined in patterns, they can give more accurate results.
A common variation of the Harami is the Harami cross, which includes a Doji inside a Harami.
This shows the indecision of the traders in the market.
This can happen in both bullish and bearish condition.
A harami is said to be one of the most powerful patterns of a candlestick graph, which have higher accuracy in the results.

With proper and expert Harami predictions, traders can get successful investment plans and they can ultimately gain profit.
So, it is very important for the traders to know all the possible positions and predictions regarding Harami.

Are you talking particularly about this trade or generally about all trades

Is the Passion Candle the LONG BULLISH CANDLEIs the Passion Candle the LONG BULLISH CANDLE