Please give me this Suggestion

Please give me this Suggestion

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Thanks for your replay. ok, i will follow 24 candlestick strategy

but sir where i put my take profit and stop loss. please give me this suggestion.



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Please give me this SuggestionPlease give me this Suggestion

Steps to use candlestick indicators properly

To trade successfully using candlestick graphs, traders need to follow some basic steps. These steps can actually help them to get a better trading result.

First of all, traders need to find exceptionally strong reversal signals at the top of an uptrend to time their exits,
or at the bottom of a downtrend to time their entries. Reversal signals come in many shapes and sizes, in candlesticks as well as other forms.
There are approximately 100 different candlestick indicators. One cannot possibly expect to look for all of these and some are more easily spotted than others.
For this reason, it makes sense to identify the more reliable reversal signals and focus on looking for those.
Some indicators work as price reversal signals about half the time and as price continuation signals the other half of the time.
So, traders need to know all ifs and buts of reversal patterns.

Secondly, traders need to make sure that there is a trend to reverse. Reversal only works if there is a trend to reverse.
When traders find the reversal signals in the wrong places, they usually are continuation patterns
sign that the price trend will continue in its current direction. The fact that the same indicator
can be either a reversal or a continuation signal should not be confusing. It is just a matter of where it appears within the existing trend.

Thirdly, traders have to always look for confirmation before they act.Finding independent confirmation of the predicted reversal is
very important. Only when the confirmation is done, then traders should take action. Confirmation is one of the basic techniques used by
technicians to time entry and exit. Because no signal is reliable all by itself all of the time, finding confirmation in one form or another
just makes sense. These steps can help the traders to get the best ways of investing.