Japanese Traditional Candlestick Trading to Modern Color Method

Japanese pure price action candlestick trading show you. idea. simplified tactics and strategies.

Trading with Ichimoku system will help you implement a proven strategy
designed to capture range or trends that maximize profits and minimize losses.
yes, you can decision-making process of trading.
If you novice trader, no problem this is easy step by step learning book.
Learn how to use the Tenkan, Kijyun, Chikou, and cloud provides as levels for trading timing. when to enter or exit a trade.
price action assists stop loss or profit targets.
you can make the profit with Ichimoku.
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If you struggling to predict you will the market head flow, now it has become less guesswork for you. this book is the turning point in your trading endeavor. The book describes color continuation and that shows uptrends and downtrends. blessing to understand markets behavior and candlestick body color pattern. This book is modern candlestick price action patterns are fairly simple and are explained only candlestick body color. Not for the traditional complicated explanation. If you newbie no problem. but anyone who is seeking to learn this technique. Free video series include.

Learning about Candlestick charting is by necessity visual experience. but it's totally frustrating to spend many different referenced chart. There are tons of how to read each type of candlestick formation. it is hard to know knowledge when it comes to actual trading.
Are you wondering "How to read each type of candlestick formation?"
never understand "What is the right time and correct signal" to do so.
Because they don't know the answers from this book.
candlestick price action essential charting only "inside or outside". Japanese candlestick provides anything useful over.
Step-by-Step FOREX Scalping Strategy Guide.
It is a short practical book that gets straight to the point.
Free video series include.
No technical, No fundamental ,No indicator.
Welcome to the ancient Candlestick world
Discover an esoteric trading method.
Nature and roots of the FOREX market.
"A simple, step by step system that shows you how to order, take profit and win your FOREX trade"
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This method more accurate to identify
trend start, trend end reverse, retracement
this graph vertical line shows engulfing pattern
but there are the Advanced engulfing pattern
as you can see almost trader invisible.
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I tried this trade method simple logic feature
initial deposit $3,000 into $10 million three times a year
just using meta trader normal indicator
Big dream but it’s the true story.

you can read logic through my trade history
also, you can grab dream too
hope it helps.
Is this automated system?
No this is manual trade
Can I ask trade logic?
Yes of course
Is it simple?
Can anyone get the result?
yes, you can get $3,000 into 50 million process
Can I get graphic entry and exit timing?
yes, I explain with graph and video
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Someone told that candlestick patterns should be combined with more factors of technical analysis. but if you don't know price pure action you will waste time and energy.
There are tons of book trade analyzing those gets complicated as the book progress, got lost, will take many goings over to capture all the information. this is modern price action Candlestick basic pattern. 
it can play a major role in making trade decisions. "hegeset"  shows the support and resistance. you are having read this book for selecting for this study. it is short, video included.
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