This Strategy confirms a continuation of trend?

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this strategy confirms a continuation of trend?


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Thank you so very much Long for the video. I really enjoy your videos.

#1 strategy
Last bar: open bar
Previous bar: inside
This strategy confirms a change of trend?

#2 Strategy
Last bar: open bar
Previous bar: outside
this strategy confirms a continuation of trend?
please can you explain in more detail the open bar and outside
also do you use skype or google hangout?


google hang out

these strategies not confirms a continuation of trend.

these are candlestick essential.

you can see 5 min, 15 min, 1 hour, 4 hour daily monthly any time frame

but not trade pattern.

these are other people thinking.

candlestick price action trader
NO need trend
NO need support
NO need resistance
NO need indicator

we need only price.

Almost trader predict and analysis price.
they want to know future price.
always thinking up or down.
it doesn’t make sense.

when you look candlestick chart.
First, make sure
where is the last candlestick?
but not trade.
this is very important.
because last bar is always other people action
we must wait until other people action complete.


Play a waiting game


this is candlestick price action trade basic.

Fibonacci also based on Candlestick (Price Essential)