Successful day Trading with Candlestick

Successful day Trading with Candlestick


The Evening Star candlestick this is mirror price action “the Morning Star” and reversal pattern The Evening Star candlestick occasionally appear so this is big trade chance.

The pattern is made up of three candles first candlestick is long white candle representing buy position trader and the prices up, then a short white or black next candle representing indecision in the market, which is followed by a third black candle down which represents sell position trader taking control of the market.

The close of the third candlestick is at least 50% down the body of the first candle, I suggest wait for confirmation 4th closing price.

Almost 4th candlestick is wide range this means candle is more powerful and the reversal is expected to be.

Successful day Trading with CandlestickSuccessful day Trading with Candlestick

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