100% Capital Growth each year 

100% Capital Growth each year


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Hello Long,

As you trade on Daily time frame, I would like to know :

  • Do you always use the same strategy, or do you mix some strategies ?

How many trades at the same time ?

(if you trade one strategy on daily, on 10 pairs, you must have very few trades… You told me that you can make 500% each year).

  • Do you ever trade on smaller time frames, such as H4, H1, or M30 ?

You must maybe have more signals on each pair (even if they aren’t so good) ?
I wish I could trade on a single (or 2 / 3) strategy, on 10 pairs, with high % or winning trades, on daily time frame…
My ultimate goal would be 100% capital growth each year, for 1% risk at stop loss.

Thank you for your advice !
Best regards,

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100% Capital Growth each year100% Capital Growth each year