1minutes dairy watching 

1minutes dairy watching

student message
Hi Long,

First, thank you for all of the video replies to all of my questions.

I took a total of 17 trades today. I am done $64.92, or -4.84% for the week, and -41.34% for the year. I prefer to day trade from the 15 minute time frame. I trade from 2am-noon each day.

I want to grow this small account as quickly as possible, and I do not want to carry positions overnight. I will grow this one before I trade with larger sums of money.

I will learn and implement the Las Vegas trade management method, and I will look at the 3000 to 50 million trading method as well. I don’t understand that one as well as I do the Color and Double block Method. Your systems work great. I am the problem, and you are helping me to become a better trader. I have had more wins with your system than any other. I need to trade just one pair, add the Las Vegas Money management method, and begin to study the 50 million dollar system.

Also, I will take your course soon.


Your student,
you prefer 15minutes chart
no problem
I suggest one thing before you trade with
15 minutes chart
maybe you’ve already know
1minute dairy basis watching
to know dairy price direction
only 1 minutes

video here