AUDCHF Candlestick cancel sell Pattern Video 

AUDCHF Candlestick cancel sell Pattern Video


Second bar from right side

Cancelled previous bar

Here is video
AUDCHF Candlestick cancel sell Pattern Video


Volatility in Price Action Trading

Volatility has multiple meanings in trading.
For price action trading volatility is very important.
Price action trading depends on the price movement of the market.
In price action trading, volatility can be described as predictability.
Volatility in Price Action Trading
The main ones are-
Respect for horizontal support / resistance.
Respect for trend lines.
Respect for moving averages.
Relative bar sizes.
If price cleanly bounces off a previous area of support or resistance (a price point, moving average, or trend line)
then price action is fairly predictable.
This makes it simpler to trade – so these are the charts we constantly seek out.
And if price breaches an otherwise strong line of support / resistance, this is an early warning that price may be about to do something new.
The additional point here is relative bar size.
If the candlesticks have been historically small and of a similar size, this is what traders would expect in the future.
If they suddenly become very large (by comparison) or develop extended wicks then clearly this market has become more volatile – and less predictable.
This may simply be a case of transforming to a “new normal” which we may be able to trade in the future –
but for now it may be better to stand aside and see what develops.
On the other hand, if bars have been large and become very small it would be an indication that the momentum has run its course.
Learn to judge what is “normal” for the chart you are analyzing.
Both phenomena can often be observed at the very beginning or very end of a trend.
Price is telling traders that a change is underway.
Traders need to take heed – and take appropriate action if necessary.

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